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“Unholy tussle for Jama Masjid,”   (May 27 2006)
Secularism in India Exposed    
“Sachar Committee Report Uncovered Backwardness of India’s Muslims, Part 1,” by Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari (Mar 24 2009)
“2 more in net for Gzb honour killing,” by Lalit Kumar (Mar 26 2009)
“Villagers burn girl alive in 'honour killing',”   (Mar 24 2009)
“Sachar Committee Report Uncovered Backwardness of India’s Muslims, Part 2,” by Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari (Apr 4 2009)
“Indian Muslim Writer: 'The Inability to Present Islam as a Peaceful Religion is a Collective Failure of Global Muslim Communities’,”   (Apr 16 2009)
“Holy War Against India,” by Conor Cruise O'Brien (Aug 1988)
“Sachar Committee Report Uncovered Backwardness of India’s Muslims, Part 4,” by Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari (Apr 26 2009)
“Sachar Committee Report Uncovered Backwardness of India’s Muslims, Part 6,” by Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari (May 5 2005)
“Islamofascism is the problem, not ‘Islamophobia’!” by Sheikyermami (Mar 30 2008)
“Amir Taheri says says Mumbai terrorists were imitating the Prophet Muhammad,” by Sheikyermami (Nov 30 2008)
“Mumbai terrorists were ‘funded by cash raised in UK mosques’,” by Sheikyermami (Nov 30 2008)
“‘I was told to kill to my last breath’: Captured terrorist’s account of Mumbai massacre reveals plan was to kill 5,000,” by Sheikyermami (Nov 30 2008)
“Scheme to provide quality education in madrassas: India orders inquiry into conversion of schools,” by Iftikhar Gilani (Apr 21 2009)
“Al-Qaradhawi, Al-Sudayyis, Other Prominent Arab Islamic Scholars: Kashmiri Movement Is Jihad,”   (May 20 2009)
“No dialogue until Pak acts against terror,”   (Jun 6 2009)
“Breakdown of Indo-Pak talks to benefit terrorists,”   (Jun 6 2009)
“Do the Taliban Pose a real Threat to India?”   (Apr 17 2009)
“Remarks at U.S.-India Business Council's 34th Anniversary ‘Synergies Summit’,” by Hillary Rodham Clinton (Jun 17 2009)
“We need to save history from terrorists too!” by Ranjan Roy (Jun 16 2009)
“The 'Islamophobia' canard after Mumbai,” by Joel J. Sprayregen (Dec 5 2008)
“India's Military Concerned About Emerging Taliban Threat from Pakistan,” by Steve Herman (Jun 25 2009)
“Indian Muslim Leaders Issue Declaration Against Taliban's Imposition of 'Jizia' (Islamic Poll Tax) on Pakistani Sikhs,”   (Jul 5 2009)
“Lashkar-e-Taiba’s Financial Network Targets India from the Gulf States,” by Animesh Roul (Jul 2 2009)
“India and Bangladesh: ‘Courting the Muslim Vote-Bank’,” by Shoaib Choudhury and Taslima Nasrin (Jul 8 2009)
“India's Islamist Groups,” by Husain Haqqani (Feb 16 2006)
“No 'Islamic' tag on terror outfits: Gogoi,”   (Jul 14 2009)
“Troubled Torpor,” Ajai Sahni (Jul 28 2008)
“Indian Maoists seek linkages with Muslim extremists,”   (Aug 25 2008)
“India to raise Special Force "COBRA" to combat Naxal menace,”   (Aug 28 2008)
“SIMI and Educated Muslims?” by R. Upadhyay (Sep 4 2008)
“Behind Mumbai,” by Robert D. Kaplan (Nov 27 2008)
“A cloud over India's Muslims,” by Martha Nussbaum (Nov 30 2008)
“Making Sense of the Mumbai Attacks,”   (Dec 1 2008)
“India Terrorism By The Numbers,”   (Dec 5 2008)
“India thinks Pak N-sites already in radical hands: Report,” by Chidanand Rajghatta (May 16 2009)
“Hindu perspective on Terrorism-Las Vegas Symposium,” by Narain Kataria (Nov 13 2006)
“The Legacy of Jihad in India,” by Andrew G. Bostom (Jul 2 2005)
“From the Bookshelf: The Straight Path to Mumbai,” by Ramachandra Abhyankar (Dec 16 2008)
History of the Jihad against the Hindus of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh    
“JIHAD IN INDIA: Conference Report,” by Narain Kataria (Mar 17 2007)
“The Legacy of Jihad in India,” by Andrew G. Bostom (Jul 2 2005)
“Jihad in India,” by Vinod Kumar (Feb 2003)
Jihad in India’s History    
“Jihad against India,” by Sheikyermami (Jul 29 2009)
“Jihad in India,” by Jamie Glazov (Nov 29 2007)
“Symposium: India’s Standoff With Jihad,” by Jamie Glazov (Mar 28 2008)
The Calcutta Quran Petitionby Sita Ram Goel
The Legacy of Muslim Rule in Indiaby K.S. Lal
Our Islamic Fifth Columnby Farrukh Dhondy(Autumn 2001)