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“The Islamic States of America?” Daniel Pipes Sep 23 2004
“Esposito: Do not be too Quick to Draw the Bid'a Gun Against the Sheikh al-Azhar,” Sep 19 2007
“John Esposito Shills for (another) Radical Islamist, Esam Omeish,” Winfield Myers Oct 22 2007
“John Esposito and Me,” Daniel Pipes Sep 10 2007
“A Long Way to Go: A "Predestined" Media,” MuradApr 11 2007
“Muslim Scholars Seek Reconciliation with Christians,”Priscilla Huff Nov 23 2007
“Jihad and the Professors,” Daniel Pipes 37561
“Esposito: Apologist for Militant Islam,”Campus Watch Sep 3 2002
“Ask Professor Esposito,” Martin Kramer Sep 26 2002
“Indicting Israel in the Wake of War,”Ahmad Dallal, John Esposito and Louis Seidman Jan 23 2002
“A tribute to John Esposito,”Hugh Fitzgerald Mar 8 2006
“Dhimmi Esposito: Pipes an agent provocateur,” RobertMar 8 2006
On Faith
“Saudi Infiltration into U.S. Education,” Hillel Fendel Sep 18 2008
“Audio: The Saudi Arabian Infiltration of America,”Eve Harow Sep 17 2008
“What Influence Does Saudi Money Buy?” Asaf Romirowsky Jan 17 2008
Freedom in the Classroom
“Middle East Studies After September 11,” Joel Beinin Nov 23 2002
“How Many Muslims in the United States?” Daniel Pipes Apr 22 2003
“Freeman speaks out on his exit,”Mar 10 2009
“Harper denounces anti-Semitism as 'pernicious evil',” Meagan Fitzpatrick Mar 12 2009
“Dr. Zhudi Jasser & The Third Jihad,” Mar 25 2009
Interfaith Panels in Bay Area High Schools and Colleges Reach Over 2000 Students
“The Wahhabi Jihad for Young American Minds,” Sarah Stern Winter 2008
“Who does speak for Islam?” Hillel Fradkin Apr 10 2008
“Judge Rules States Must Fund Religious Schools,”Anthony Weiss Aug 14 2008