Web Sites/Sources

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Stop Sharia Now    
Monitoring Middle East Studies on Campus    
International Civil Liberties Alliance    
Family Security Matters    
Campus Watch    
Middle East Forum    
Militant Islam Monitor    
Americans Against Hate    
Terror-Free Oil Initiative    
American Center for Democracy    
Florida Security Council    
CAIR Watch    
“’An American Carol’ – Opens with a Blast Right Across America,” Mark, Renee and Lee Taylor Oct 5 2008
SANE Works for US    
Jihad Watch    
The Phyllis Chesler Organization    
Infidels Are Cool – American Politics, World News, Anti-Jihad    
“Al-Qa’ida Publicy Cements Ties to the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan,” Vahid Brown Oct 14 2009
Family Security Matters – Enfactlopedia    
“Unhealthy balance sheet,” Janet Albrechtsen Jun 18 2008
“Accused 'praised God' for attack,” Gary Hughes May 2 2008
“Prophet faces a polemic,” Rebecca Weisser Aug 2 2008
“Chicago TV: Muslim Leader Says America Will Become A Muslim Country,”   Mar 8 2009
“Timesonline Overreacts: If Islam is Extreme Let's ban ALL Religion,” Warner Todd Huston Jul 31 2008
“’No Substitute for Victory’ The Defeat of Islamic Totalitarianism,” John David Lewis Winter 2007
Gerard Group International    
David Horowitz Freedom Center    
Ken Timmerman’s Books and Articles    
Marshall Frank    
LookLex / Encyclopaedia    
International Relations and Security Network    
Federation of American Scientists    
Articles by Daniel Pipes    
“Think like a Muslim[, Urges ‘Across the Centuries’],” Daniel Pipes Feb 11 2002
The Investigative Project on Terrorism – Audio and Video Clips    
The Investigative Project on Terrorism – Report    
The Investigative Project on Terrorism – Testimony    
Family Security Matters – Videos    
Family Security Matters – Audios    
Brigitte Gabriel and Bill O'Reilly slams Islam    
“Intelligence & Security,” James Woolsey Jan 21 2009
“The Seeds of Liberalism,” Jesse Petrilla Feb 28 2009
“Russia Concedes to Islamic Pressure,”   Mar 2 2009
The American form of government    
“The Power of Statelessness,” Jakub Grygiel 39934
“Answering Edward Said,” Peter Berkowitz 39630
Top Documentary Fils    
“Islam: Governing Under Sharia,” Lauren Vriens Mar 23 2009
“Why Shariah?” Noah Feldman Mar 17 2008
“Middle East Times: Sharia's Inroads Around the World,” Olivier Guitta Mar 18 2009
MERIA Articles    
Steyn Online    
The Network Against Jihad    
“British Government Efforts against "Extremists" Ignores Jihad and Islamic Supremacism,” Jeffrey Imm Aug 31 2008
Political Islam    
Exposing Islamic Supremacist and Palestinian terror